Thursday, April 15, 2010

Wonderful news!

Today was wonderful. I feel so much better about absolutely everything.

The first half of my class was canceled.

I overslept, which felt wonderful, and decided to eat a quick breakfast. I decided on a Super Pretzel and some Swedish Fish. Best decision all day.

Joe & I got a good chunk of work done on a website we're making. We also came up with a hilarious secret addition to the site that just may involve a lot of cats. Curious? Good. I'll tell you more shortly.

My major, T.I.M.E., had an ice cream social for the new majors, but we all got to join in on the fun. My Neapolitan ice cream was decorated with chocolate & carmel syrup, dinosaur sprinkles, m&ms, Whoppers, and God only knows what else. It was delicious. And I may or may not have taken some m&ms to go. And by some, I may or may not mean an entire bag.

Part of the ice cream social also involved musical chairs. When we played last year, when I was a new T.I.M.E. major, I totally won second place. This year, I was second out. But I won a fun little ring with a strobe light on it! Haha :)

My mom called me to tell me she saw a help wanted sign in a flower shop back home, so I called the number since I worked in a flower shop a couple years ago, and the lady who I talked to was incredibly nice and very enthusiastic. So maybe I'll get a job!

But wait, it gets better!

My friend Vanesa sent me the best text of my life less than an hour ago: "You are officially our new roommate :)" which means...I have a place to live next year! Not only that, but it's much more affordable, so I will be able to continue at CIA!

So many things have been up in the air for so long, so to have a big one fall into place makes me feel so much better. I am so excited and incredibly thankful that things are beginning to work out. Hooray!

I thought this called for some celebratory animated .GIFs!

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