Friday, April 16, 2010

Notes to self.


Images by Fadedfilmstrips & Recovering Lazyholic. (Click photos to go directly to them.)

I  have a few little reminders hanging around my apartment right now. I've been wanting to make more, but I think that will be a summer project for my new apartment! I'm still incredibly excited that everything worked out. You have no idea how much lighter I feel right now. I still giddy!

I think my reminders would be something along the lines of these:
  • Rise & Shine (by my bed)
  • Check Your Ego (This is currently on our bathroom door.)
  • Second Star to the Right (above my animation table)
  • Make Up Your Mind (by my mirror)
  • Smell the Roses (by my window)
  • Make Something (in my studio)
  • Eat More Greens (somewhere kitcheny maybe)
  • Play That Funky Music (by my record player)
What sorts of reminders would you make for yourself?

Ps. In a surprising turn of events, I will be heading home to Detroit tomorrow for a job interview! Let's hope it goes well. If not, at least I get to see Miss Mia. She already told me that she wants to make an animation and play Alice in Wonderland. I was thinking it might be fun for us to make some necklaces out of Sculpey. Oh, and I have a paper to crank out this weekend as well.


Twila said...

I love these little notes too! Yes I beleive I blogged a few of your things. I love your blog! Your career seems so interesting and creative! I need to make pretty reminders also. Thanks for all the beautiful images.


Michaela Lynch said...

Aren't they great? I think little reminders like this are just the kind of inspiration to keep me going. And thanks for sharing some of my work!

lauren carney said...

gosh these are so beautiful!
i love them, and they are so quirky too!
thanks for sharing them ! :D

Michaela Lynch said...

I need more quirky in my life. And these are perfect. I'm glad you like them too!

saracarver said...

So I know it's September, and maybe a little weird I'm commenting on this now, hah but I love these! I found your blog when Twila first mentioned you and I've always remembered this post. I'm in the midst of decorating my dorm and was thinking of putting a few of these up, what are they made out of? Thanks!

Michaela Lynch said...

I always check my comments! I actually didn't make these, though. If you click the photos, it will take you to the direct source. My guess is that these are just colorful paper or cardstock. Maybe craft foam. I made some of mine out of various patterned paper, and even photos from magazines. I'd love to see what you make!