Michaela Lynch wears dresses with pockets, writes love letters, naps in forts, collects collections, keeps her head in the clouds, prefers to be barefoot, enjoys roller skating, and goes to art school. At the Cleveland Institute of Art, she finds joy in moving objects tiny increments at a time, searching for narratives where most people think they don't exist, overusing her Xacto and breathing in way too much rubber cement, building tactile sets, overdosing on hazelnut coffee, and laughing at all times. Her favorite colors are aqua and marigold, and she hopes to one day own a beautiful yellow bicycle and befriend an owl or two.

I grew up believing that if you weren’t flying, you just needed lovelier thoughts. And while I eventually grew older and learned that Mary Martin wasn’t magical without some hidden wires, the idea still stuck with me. If I wasn’t happy, I needed to think of something cheerful. If I had creative block, I needed to examine the inspiration that was surrounding me. When I started college, I realized how constricted my thoughts had become, and as someone aspiring to take the fine art track in life, this was a huge problem. I now take the time everyday to think of lovely thoughts and find magic that is all around us. This blog is a space for me to take a break from chaos and think lovely thoughts.