Sunday, March 21, 2010

Collection collection.

There just may be a reason people tend to hate thrifting with me. My mom dreads going to flea markets with me. My dad won't take me near garage sales. And Ciara refuses to explore new thrift stores with me. Maybe it's because I generally want everything. For my collection. My collection of collections that I'm working on, that is. It's probably a good thing that I have to pay my way through school, or else my tiny apartment would be filled to the brim with all sorts of treasures.

Here are some things that I already collect.
ViewMaster reels & viewers, especially vintage ones.
Records, especially soundtracks, especially Disney soundtracks. And a good amount of Motown.

Typewriters. Ok, ok. I only have one for now. But that's because I only have room for one.
Old books, with lots of illustrations, to use on collages. Oh, and especially old dictionaries.

Tank tops. I need to get enough to animate the color changing.
Nesting dolls. This is still a relatively new collection.
Keys. My dad has this great coffee can full of keys (that I totally borrowed for my animation).
Tea cups. Pretty ones.
Patches. As in scout and military. Especially vintage ones.

And here are some things I wish I could collect.

Vintage birds that remind me a little bit of the robin in Mary Poppins.
Pez dispensers. Not really, but this photo makes me wish I did.

The thing is, most of these are things I want to animate. I see endless stop motion possibilities. Especially in older items. Maybe it's because I see more character in them. Nicholas calls my collections junk (except for my immaculate copy of Morrison Hotel). I guess I just have to make some animations to change his mind.

Back to editing my life away. Hope your spring week is lovely.

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