Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Animation Sneak Peek!

I hope you're super excited!

Why? Because I'm finally going to show you a tiny little snippet of this animation I have been working on all semester. Now, keep in mind, not every scene will be like this. But they should all be really great!

My actress, Meredith, has been wonderful. She has picked up a good sense of timing, and her subtle movements I occasionally request are completely elegant. And she does it all without complaining, even though she's coming down with the flu! She has been completely wonderful, and incredibly helpful. I don't think this project would have been as great if it weren't for her help.

I'll be in my studio editing until they kick me out tonight. I'm really anxious to see this finalized! Plus, I'm trying to finish it as soon as possible so my wonderful musician, Josh, has optimal time to compose something amazing.

Alright, and now for some lovely images from today's shoot...

That last image should give you an idea of my ridiculous set up I had. The shoot consisted of me moving fabric & objects & Meredith's hair & everything else, then smoothing out the backdrop, and running up the ladder, where my laptop was (hooked up to my camera), taking a frame, running back down, & doing it all over again. Animations are always such a workout for me. I never make things easy. Plus, we ran into all sorts of technical difficulties this morning.

I'm also getting copies of some photos taken of me running around like a nut, so you can see more behind the scenes stuff. Oh, and tomorrow I may just share a funny little time lapse of me animating this.

So anyway, what do you think?


mel said...

hey, this looks really beautiful so far!
are you in film school? i took film too, and made an animation once over the christmas break - it was insane to say the least. but i think this would be even tougher, with humans involved. (mine was lego people, barbies and teddy bears)
it sounds like you desperately need a remote trigger.
can't wait to see it. i've been itching to make one again, this will be inspiring i'm sure!

Michaela Lynch said...

Thanks so much! I go to school at the Cleveland Institute of Art, and my major encompasses areas of video, animation, interactive media, and game design. My emphasis is in animation, and I love doing stop motions as often as possible, especially with people, which isn't as hard as it may seem. I would love to see your teddy bear animation if it's on youtube or anything!

David Bringle said...

I now know what you are doing with the clocks. Good stuff.

Dave Bringle

The guy in the checkout line at Wal-Mart

Michaela Lynch said...

I'm sure seeing some girl buying 7 clocks at Wal-Mart must have been pretty strange. But now all should be clear. I'm glad you asked about it instead of giving me strange looks! Haha. I hope you get the chance to play with some stop motion soon!