Monday, March 8, 2010

7 things I'm in love with lately.

1. Collections, like these. I love animating mass amounts of things, so I plan on collecting collections. I suppose I have a small start, but it'll pick up much more after I finish school, I'm sure.

2. These lovely little cards from Two Guitars' Etsy shop.

3. Draw-Your-Own-Flipbook by The Petite Press. I'm sure these would flip wonderfully! And I do love making flip books. Most of the novels I had to read throughout middle school and high school have flipbooks throughout all the corners. (I still don't understand why I didn't figure out that I wanted to do animation until last year.)
4. These videos on Vimeo.

Faces from Ivar Veermae on Vimeo.

Kakikakékakoukaka from Francis Cutter on Vimeo.

Andy J Gallagher - Something Else from Owen Trevor on Vimeo.

Forbidden Apple from Magdalena Osinska on Vimeo.

Pistachio from aaron hughes on Vimeo.
5. This movie. Mia & I have watched it 3 times since Friday. I think she just likes it because the main character is Princess Mia!
6. Robert Schwartzman, who plays Michael in The Princess Diaries. We even have the same birthday...a few years apart.

7. These handmade Wonderland cookie cutters. (Cookie cutters are another thing I want to collect.)

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