Tuesday, February 2, 2010

More Pixilations!

Well, it seems like rendering still takes up half my life. At least it means I need to take a break and step away from my computer. My studio computer, that is. And go on my Mac and look up wonderful little animations. As promised, here are some more amazing pixilations.

Do you remember the Amazon Kindle commercial that was playing around the holidays? I had so many people (ok, like 4) tell me that it reminded them of something I would do. Which is one of the nicest things ever, since I totally make something like this. Actually, it's one of my ideas for an upcoming animation. Anyway, the song from the commercial is called "Fly Me Away" by Annie Little.

Montmartre by Vimeo user Yeti Hunters is absolutely beautiful. The entire thing is black and white with an elegant little vignette. I am in love.

Mirage by Joel Fletcher was created in 1981 on 16mm film. It has really interesting choreography, and the color scheme is perfect.

The music video for the song "The Game" by Rodeo Massacre is super fun. The goal was to use as many outfits and accessories as possible. And it was shot in a day! It must have been a really long day, though. Can you imagine changing outfits that many times? My 3 year old sister isn't even that bad!

If you have never seen Tony and Paul, then you have clearly never been on YouTube. They use every possible effect you can create with pixilation. It's incredible.

Time for me to run off to art history.

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