Thursday, February 18, 2010

I wish...

I had an excuse to splurge on this beautiful stationary by Elum.

Unicorns were real and lived in my backyard.

These were just a little bit cheaper.

This was hanging on my bedroom wall.

I had crazy ukulele skills like this kid.

Movies still ended this way.

My pillows were a little more inspiring.

I could live in a fort.

I could have been a live-action reference model for a classic Disney animation.

All sweaters were animated.

This was hanging in my apartment.

I could go back here and have it look just like the movie.

They never stopped making Polaroids.

Clothes grew on trees.

I had been here.

I could decide on which tights to wear.

I didn't have to animate this for it to be real.

I was with him.

I could wake up to the sunshine, put on a dress with pockets, eat some French toast, grab my Burts Bees, throw on a cardigan, and go to my studio and animate. Always. Exactly like that. Not bothered by requirements and due dates. The semester's picking up now. I'm going to be busy.

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