Saturday, February 6, 2010

Disneyland LPs!

I collect some really great things (besides stacks of library books). Including records. It all started about 4 years ago when I was at a flea market and saw a copy of a Doors album (Waiting for the Sun) for $4. I guess it may have just been the way the cover was so worn with age. Or maybe because my boyfriend had just been talking about the Doors.I bought it. I had no record player. I just knew it looked cool, and I loved the scratchy sounds that accompany old vinyl. I've been collecting them ever since.

Along the way, I talked my dad into digging out my grandpa's old record player, which has since followed me from home to dorm to apartment to new apartment. I have to admit, I listen to it far more than I listen to anything else. I don't even have all my music loaded on my laptop. I have less than a thousand songs on iTunes. And I'm not really into iPods or mp3 players. I have one, and I used to listen to it fairly frequently. But...I don't like wearing headphones while walking around; I feel like I'm missing something. And I don't just sit in my room wearing headphones.

My boyfriend and I still go to flea markets and garage sales and barter with people. And then we have to sort out who gets to take which records home. We even completed our collection of The Doors albums. He has most of them right now, but I'm still holding onto my immaculate copy of Morrison Hotel I found at a little vintage shop a year ago.

My favorite records to collect are ones under the Disneyland label (go figure). Especially the soundtracks to my favorite animated movies. Plus, the cover art is so great! My dream record for the longest time was the soundtrack to Cinderella, and the day I was telling my friend about that wish, we found it in a record shop! I feel like a princess whenever I listen to it. Something just sounds better when old Disney songs are a little on the scratchy side. And Nicholas, being the really great boyfriend he is, got me 15 more for my birthday in December! Some are the soundtracks, and some are storybooks, which I'm so excited to share with my little sister Mia! So I thought I'd share some of my favorites.

Now back to the Mary Poppins soundtrack and storyboarding!

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