Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Weekend Wednesday?

Hello there. Here I am, sitting in my room, in my [very colorful] apartment. Sitting. Just sitting. Doing absolutely nothing productive. Why? Because, my friends, it is Wednesday afternoon, which is now my WEEKEND! Yes, Mondays are hell. But the only class I have Tuesdays is Fibers, and sitting and embroidering is a nice way to recuperate. And Wednesdays, I'm done at 4:30pm, or whenever my class gets out, which was around 3 today! And now, I have nothing scheduled until 8am Monday when my week starts again. What a wonderful, wonderful feeling. I made it through the first week, I love my assignments, and now, I have a four day weekend! Don't worry, though. After this week, I'm sure I'll be as busy as ever, and those days off will be filled with jobs and homework. But for now, I think I'll enjoy it.

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