Sunday, August 15, 2010

Some tents and mountains and rollerskates and boyfriends.

Hello again. It seems I have once again dropped off the face of the earth. The last couple weeks, I was with   Nicholas in my favorite city enjoying the sunshine and sea breeze. And before I left, I was busy ending projects, starting others, finishing summer break, and starting to pack because I came home Thursday, just to leave for Cleveland today! My summer endings are always hectic, though.

Today was spent riding in an air conditioner free car, sweating in the 90+ degree weather and extreme humidity, being welcomed by Cleveland's constant precipitation, carrying boxes up and down several flights of stairs (my dad is still mad that I don't live on the first floor), running a few last minute errands, and organizing while Estaban, the apartment cat (who apparently used to go by John Cougar Mellencamp and is now affectionately called Booger, leaving him very confused), sat on my desk and watched.

Here's a little of what I have been up to lately.
Making backyard tents.

Bringing home flowers for this pretty face.

Rollerskating with Alyssa & Mia. Because I had a dream about magical rollerskates.

Painting cats gold for an animation Alyssa & I made about drugs and greed. Ha.

And photographing the cats with Reesco.

Dragging Nicholas through lovely stores. And making him carry the bags.

Following this boy through winding trails.

Admiring some beautiful waterfalls.

Being adventurous.


Hopefully not falling.

Discovering the perfect place to cool off.
Enjoying the scenery.

Finding some blackberries hidden along mountain roads.

And finding others nestled in mountain sides.

Licking off my juice stained hands after picking several handfuls.

Studying perfect spiderwebs.

Counting dew drops.

Going somewhere mysterious.

That seemed to be where the world stopped.

Looking for more.

And finding nothing. And everything. And the closest thing to infinite.

Sighting the little mountain towns that were hiding under the clouds.

Walking into that clock scene from Pinocchio.

And now I'm missing Nicholas. I'll see him soon enough. I have other things to distract me for now, though. Like putting everything in its place. Enjoying my new apartment. Hanging with Estaban. And getting for Orientation Leader Training Week, which starts tomorrow.

School starts next week. As always, I'm excited.

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