Friday, October 15, 2010

Mia has a new boyfriend.

Michaela: So are there any cute boys in preschool?
Mia: Yeah, Sam Wobinson!
Michaela: Sam Robinson? What's he look like?
Mia: Well, he has brown hair and a great smile, and even when he's not smiling, he is soooo cute!
Michaela: Really? What color eyes does he have?
Mia: Blue and orange!
Michaela: Does he have a girlfriend?
Mia: We sing together and play together and he picked me to be his girlfriend!

(She's probably my favorite person to Skype with.)

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Mallory said...

I love talking to little kids because conversations just like that are the awesome-est. When I was about that age I had a crush on a boy & my favorite thing about him was his smile too. He had ENORMOUS teeth & (fittingly) was cast as a rabbit in the school play we were in together.